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New 1Z0-063 dumps PDF: NEW QUESTION 221You execute the RMAN commands:RMAN> CONFIGURE DEFAULT DEVICE TYPE TO disk;RMAN> CONFIGURE DEVICE TYPE disk PARALLELISM 2;RMAN> CONFIGURE CHANNEL 1 DEVICE TYPE DISK FORMAT `/disk1/%U;RMAN> CONFIGURE CHANNEL 2 DEVICE TYPE DISK FORMAT `/disk2/%U;RMAN> BACKUP DATABASE;Which statement is true about the backup set created by the BACKUP command? A.    The default channel is allocated and the backup set is created in only one destination.B.    Two channels are allocated and backup pieces for the backup set are created in both the specified destinations.C.    Two channels are allocated and two copies of the backup set are taken in parallel in both locations.D.    Two channels are allocated and a copy of the backup set is taken in the location specified by CHANNEL 2. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 222Which two operations are NOT performed by the DUPLICATE command in RMAN while duplicating a database that is open? A.    creating a control file for the duplicate databaseB.    restoring target data files to the duplicate databaseC.    performing complete recovery by using all available backupsD.    generating a new, unique database identifier (DBID) for the duplicate databaseE.    copying online redo log files from the target database to the duplicate database Answer: BC NEW QUESTION 223Your database is running in archivelog mode. Examine the parameters for your database instance:LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_l = 'LOCATION=/disk1/arch MANDATORY'LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_2 = 'LOCATION=/disk2/arch'LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_3 = 'LOCATION=/disk3/arch'LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_4 = 'LOCATION=/disk4/arch'LOG_ARCHIVE_MIN_SUCCEED_DEST = 2While the database is open, you notice that the destination set by the log_archive_dest_1 parameter is not available. All redo log groups have been used. What happens at the next log switch? A.    The database instance hangs and the redo log files are not overwritten.B.    The archived redo log files are written to the fast recovery area until the mandatory destination is made available.C.    The database instance is shutdown immediately.D.    The destination set by the log_archive_dest_1 parameter is ignored and the archived redo log files are created in the next two available locations to guarantee archive log success. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 224Your database instance is abnormally terminated because of a power outage. At the next startup, from which point in the redo log does the recovery start? A.    from the last complete checkpoint positionB.    from the beginning of the current redo log file until the instance failureC.    from the last committed transactionD.    from the beginning of the current redo log file to the checkpoint positionE.    from the most recent incremental checkpoint Answer: AExplanation:Have a recovery time governed by the number of terminated instances, amount of redo generated in each terminated redo thread since the last checkpoint, and by user-configurable factors such as the number and size of redo log files, checkpoint frequency, and the parallel recovery setting. NEW QUESTION 225Which two statements are true about RMAN duplexed backups? A.    It is only supported for backups to tape via media management interface.B.    It is not supported for image copies.C.    For performing duplexed backups, the parallelism for the device must be set equal to the number of copies.D.    Duplex backups can be performed on either disk or media, but cannot be performed on media and disk simultaneously.E.    Duplex backups can contain only data files and control files. Answer: DE NEW QUESTION 226Your database supports an online transaction processing (OLTP) workload and it needs to be up 24 x 7. You want to perform a complete database backup by using RMAN. Identify the minimum requirement for accomplishing the task. A.    An RMAN channel must be configured to device-type disk.B.    The database must be configured in ARCHIVELOG mode.C.    Redo log groups must have at least two members each.D.    All tablespaces in the database must be locally managed. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 227Which two statements are true about roles in multitenant container databases (CDBs)? A.    Local roles can be granted to local and common users.B.    A common role can be granted only to a common user.C.    A common user can create a local role by default in any pluggable database (PDB) that is plugged in to a CDB.D.    A common role can be granted only system privileges.E.    The root container can have both local and common roles.F.    A local role can be assigned to a common role in a PDB. Answer: ACExplanation: NEW QUESTION 228Which three conditions must be met before you Virtual Private Catalog (VPC) can be created and used by an Administrator? A.    A base recovery catalog must exist.B.    The owner of the VPC cannot own recovery catalog.C.    At least one target database should be registered in the recovery catalog.D.    The REGISTER DATABASE privilege should be granted to the virtual catalog owner.E.    The DBA role must be granted to the virtual catalog owner. Answer: ADE NEW QUESTION 229You are performing regular backups of your production database by using a recovery catalog. You add two new tablespaces to your production database after performing a backup. They must be included in future backups. Which action should you perform? A.    Synchronize the recovery catalog with the target database control file.B.    Create a new database incarnation record.C.    Add the tablespaces in the recovery catalog by using the CATALOG command.D.    Synchronize all the physical data files with the logical records in the recovery catalog by using the CROSSCHECK command. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 230You use RMAN to take regular backups for your database. Examine the RMAN commands:RMAN> CROSSCHECK BACKUP;RMAN> DELETE EXPITED BACKUP;Which statement is true? A.    All backups and archived redo log files that are not required for the recovery are deleted and the repository is updated.B.    All metadata, for backups and archived redo log files that are recorded in the repository but do not exist on disk or media, is deleted.C.    All backups that have exceeded the age set by the RMAN retention policy are deleted.D.    All metadata pertaining to backups and archived redo log files that have exceeded the age set by the RMAN retention policy are deleted from the repository. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 231Which two are prerequisites for performing Flashback Transaction? A.    A supplemental log must be enabled for the primary key.B.    Undo retention guarantee must be configured for the database.C.    Fast Recovery Area must be enabled for the database.D.    The EXECUTE privilege must be granted to a user on the DBMS_FLASHBACK package.E.    Row movement must be enabled. Answer: ADExplanation: NEW QUESTION 232...... Download the newest PassLeader 1Z0-063 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 1Z0-063 PDF dumps & 1Z0-063 VCE dumps: (236 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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