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Which two features or functionalities does Cisco Unified Communications Manager provide for Cisco Unified CCE and Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal? (Choose two.)

A.    agent to agent transfer
B.    Cisco Extension Mobility for agents
C.    call queuing
D.    CTI data on Cisco Agent Desktop screen pop

Answer: AB

In Cisco UCCE, what is the reference design for vmnic configuration on UCS Tested Reference Configuration (TRCs)?

A.    An active-standby scheme.
B.    With UCS B, use only active-active scheme with Fabric Interconnect switch (FI).
C.    Either Mode (active-active or active-standby) with Nexus 1000v.
D.    An active-active non-failover ride scheme.

Answer: B

Which are the three minimum components required in a Cisco Unified CVP VXML “standalone” deployment model? (Choose three.)

A.    Cisco Unified CVP reporting server
B.    Cisco Unified CVP Call Studio
C.    Cisco Unified CVP VXML Server
D.    VXML virtual voice browser
E.    VRU peripheral gateway
F.    Egress voice gateway

Answer: BCF

Which two features does Cisco Unified Border Element provide when Cisco Unified CCE and Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal are used? (Choose two.)

A.    Load balancing outbound calls.
B.    Secure communication using flow around mode.
C.    Normalize SIP messages using SIP profiles.
D.    Silent Monitor inbound voice calls.
E.    Record calls by forking the media.

Answer: AC

In Cisco Finesse, which two workflow action types can be configured via the administration page? (Choose two.)

A.    HTTP Request
B.    Timer Action
C.    Scheduled Call Back
D.    Browser Pop
E.    Run Macro

Answer: AD

Which statement about the Cisco UCCE solution in the virtualized environment is true?

A.    VMware NIC teaming whether in active-active or active-standby configuration on the UCS B/C series is supported.
B.    Nexus 1000V virtual distributed switch can be used but only for 500 agent deployment model.
C.    Cisco UCS VIC can be used on UCS C series TRC models.
D.    Spec-based virtualized servers based on Intel E5 26xx CPU family at speed 2.40 GHz is supported.

Answer: D

In a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise deployment with geographically redundant central controllers, a new site is added with new redundancy requirements for Administration. Which option is the recommended configuration?

A.    1 – Primary AW, 1 – Secondary AW
B.    1 – Primary AW, 1 – Administration Client
C.    1 – Secondary AW, 1 – Administration Client
D.    2 – Primary Administration Client, 1 – Secondary Administration Client

Answer: A

In Cisco Finesse 10.0(x), which is the last operation a supervisor needs to perform in order to intercept the call?

A.    after a supervisor has transferred the call
B.    after a supervisor has selected a talking agent for monitoring
C.    after a supervisor has started monitoring a call
D.    after a supervisor has barged into a call

Answer: D

Under which circumstance(s), can the Public/Visible network share the WAN with the Private network in the Cisco UCCE Clustering over the WAN deployments?

A.    SONET WAN with multiple edge devices per Data Center to connect to the SONET ring.
B.    Under no circumstances.
C.    MPLS WAN with a single edge device per Data Center that connects to multiple 1 Gbps WAN circuits and the failover between the WAN circuits is less than 500 ms.
D.    MPLS WAN with multiple 1 Gbps WAN circuits and a fast 100 ms Round Trip latency between Data Centers.

Answer: B

Which two features does the SIP Proxy provide when deployed with Cisco UCCE, Cisco Unified CVP? (Choose two.)

A.    demarcation point between networks
B.    centralized dial plan
C.    SIP VXML voice browser
D.    N+1 or N:N redundancy
E.    load balancer for HTTP and SIP

Answer: BD

Which two features does Cisco Finesse provide as an out-of-the-box agent desktop? (Choose two.)

A.    desktop for third-party ACD
B.    phonebooks and workflows
C.    content sharing gadget
D.    basic call control (answer, hold, retrieve, end, and make call)
E.    agent historical reports

Answer: BD

Erlang calculations are used to size contact center resources. Which two resources are sized by using Erlang-B? (Choose two.)

A.    reporting ports
B.    estimated wait times
C.    PSTN gateway trunks
D.    agents
E.    IVR ports

Answer: CE


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