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Which of the following commands are needed to establish a private network between two (or more) KVM virtual machines that is not visible to other KVM instances on the same KVM host? (Choose THREE correct answers.)

A.    ifconfig
B.    brctl
C.    tunctl
D.    ipconfig
E.    ebtables

Answer: ABC

Which of the following statements are true for full virtualization? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A.    Full virtualization does not require changes to the guest operating systems.
B.    Full virtualization has no performance impact compared to a non-virtualized bare-metal installation on the same machine.
C.    Full virtualization has a severe performance impact and should not be used in production environments.
D.    Full virtualization may be supported by special CPU extensions that provide better performance.
E.    Full virtualization always requires additional software components and cannot be done using Linux only.

Answer: AD

Which command in the KVM monitor ejects the first IDE CDROM drive? (Specify the KVM monitor command INCLUDING ALL REQUIRED PARAMETERS.)

Answer: eject ide1-cd0, eject -f ide1-cd0

How can data in a computing instance in an IaaS cloud be permanently saved and accessed even after the recreation of the computing instance? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A.    By saving the data to the memory of the computing instance using tmpfs.
B.    By saving the data anywhere in the computing instance’s file system.
C.    By saving the data to /cloud/persistent/ which is provided in all common IaaS clouds.
D.    By saving the data to object stores provided by a separate service in the cloud.
E.    By saving the data on persistent block devices that must be explicitly connected to the computing instance.

Answer: DE

Which of the following are valid KVM parameters? (Choose THREE correct answers.)

A.    -drive file=iscsi://user%password@fileserver/iqn.2001-04.com.example/1
B.    -drive file=rsync://user%password@fileserver:/tmp/file.iso,media=cdrom,readonly
C.    -drive file=ssh://user@host/tmp/file.img
D.    -drive file=imap://user:password@mailserver:/INBOX/Wufnc6MjYp@mailgate
E.    -drive file=http://user:password@fileserver/pub/linux.iso,media=cdrom,readonly

Answer: ACE

Which command within virsh lists the virtual machines that are available on the current host?

A.    view
B.    show
C.    list-vm
D.    list
E.    list-all

Answer: D

Which options to the xl command will deactivate a running Xen virtual machine? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A.    destroy
B.    remove
C.    shutdown
D.    stop
E.    halt

Answer: AC

Which of the following tools is used to interact with XenStore?

A.    xenstore-ls
B.    xendo
C.    xs
D.    xl store
E.    xstore

Answer: A

What is oVirt?

A.    An extension to the Linux Kernel used to provide container virtualization similar to LXC and OpenVZ.
B.    A library that provides access to several different virtualization technologies in a common manner.
C.    A comprehensive management infrastructure for Linux-based virtualization.
D.    An approach used to eliminate the need for virtualization called Zero-Virt.
E.    A Linux-based hypervisor similar to KVM and Xen.

Answer: C

Which of the following tasksare partsof a hypervisor’s responsibility? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A.    Create filesystems during the installation of new VM guest operating systems.
B.    Provide host-wide unique PIDs to the processes running inside the VMs in order to ease interprocess communication between virtual machines.
C.    Map the resources of virtual machines to the resources of the host system.
D.    Ensure isolation and eliminate any interference between virtual machines.
E.    Manage authentication to network services running inside a virtual machine.

Answer: CD

What is the name of the global configuration file for the xl tool stack? (Specify the file name only without any path.)

Answer: /etc/xen/xl.conf, xl.conf

Which of the following directives is used in the configuration file of a Xen guest domain in order to define network interfaces?

A.    vif
B.    eth
C.    vnet
D.    vbr
E.    net

Answer: A

Which of the following statements is true regarding networking with libvirt?

A.    Libvirt’s network functionality is limited to connecting virtual machines to a physical network interface of the host system.
B.    Libvirt networks appear, by default, as standard Linux bridges in the host system.
C.    Libvirt assigns the same MAC address to all virtual machines and isolates their network interfaces at the link layer.
D.    Libvirt requires a dedicated network interface that may not be used by the host system.
E.    Libvirt supports exactly one virtual network and connects all virtual machines to it.

Answer: B

Which daemon applies the configuration and commands of libvirt to the virtualization components of the host system?

A.    vmd
B.    virtuald
C.    libvirtmgr
D.    libvirt-worker
E.    libvirtd

Answer: E

Which file format is used by libvirt to store configuration data?

A.    INI-style text files
B.    Text files containing key/value pairs
C.    Java-like .properties files
D.    XML files
E.    SQLite databases

Answer: D

Which of the following resources are directly (i.e. without specialized machine images) available to users of an OpenStack cloud? (Choose THREE correct answers.)

A.    Database servers to store relational data.
B.    Virtual machines for computing tasks.
C.    Application servers for immediate deployment with Mono applications.
D.    Object storage that is accessed through an API.
E.    Block storage devices for persistent data storage.

Answer: BDE

Which of the following statements is true regarding XenStore?

A.    It is a web interface used to provide self-service domain provisioning to users with sufficient privileges.
B.    It saves the persistent configuration of all defined Xen domains and restores them when the host system is started.
C.    It manages disk file images on behalf of all virtual machines and provides them as virtual devices to guest domains.
D.    It stores run time information regarding Xen and its domains using hierarchical namespaces shared between domains.
E.    It is a software repository located within the host system used to provide software packages to the guest domains.

Answer: D

Which of the following types of guest systems does Xen support? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A.    Paravirtualized guests (PV)
B.    Foreign architecture guests (FA)
C.    Fully virtualized guests (HVM)
D.    Container virtualized guests (CVM)
E.    Emulated guests (EMU)

Answer: AC

What is XAPI?

A.    An extension of libvirt which adds live migration of virtual servers between arbitrary hypervisors.
B.    A ReSTful API which is used by xl to communicate with the Xen hypervisor.
C.    The communication interface between a paravirtualized Linux Kernel and the Xen hypervisor.
D.    A high level tool chain which provides advanced management tools and interfaces for Xen.
E.    The internal messaging system within the Xen hypervisor.

Answer: D

Which value must be set in the option builder in the configuration file of a Xen guest domain in order to create a fully virtualized machine instead of a paravirtualized one? (Specify ONLY the value without any option name, quotes or operators.)

Answer: ‘hvm’, "hvm", hvm

Which of the following commands provides a detailed list of all image files contained in the libvirt storage pool vol1?

A.    virsh list –volumes –pool vol1 –details
B.    virsh vol-details vol1
C.    virsh –show-pool vol1 –details
D.    virsh vol-list vol1 –details
E.    virsh volumes –source vol1 –details

Answer: D

When migrating a physical machine to a full virtualized machine, which of the following properties should be expected to change from the perspective of the guest operating system? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A.    The user accounts within the guest operating system.
B.    The properties of the CPU and other hardware devices.
C.    The MAC address of the network interfaces.
D.    The version of the guest operating system.
E.    The software and applications installed on the guest system.

Answer: BC

Which subcommand of virsh opens the XML configuration of a virtual network in an editor in order to make changes to that configuration? (Specify ONLY the subcommand without any parameters.)

Answer: virsh net-edit, net-edit

Which of the following statements are true regarding VirtualBox?

A.    It supports only Linux as a guest operating system.
B.    It is available for Linux only.
C.    It provides both a graphical user interface and command line tools to administer virtual machines.
D.    It requires dedicated shared storage as it cannot store virtual machine disk images locally on block devices of the virtualization host.
E.    It is a special kernel booted before the first regular operating system.

Answer: C

In the command:
vzctl ____ 105 /usr/bin/apt-get install wget
Which subcommand of vzctl is missing in order to install wget in the OpenVZ container 105?

Answer: exec, exec2

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