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You plan to use Azure platform tools to detect and analyze food items in smart refrigerators. To provide families with an integrated experience for grocery shopping and cooking, the refrigerators will connect to other smart appliances, such as stoves and microwave ovens, on a LAN. You plan to build an object recognition model by using the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit. The object recognition model will receive input from the connected devices and send results to applications. The training data will be derived from more than 10 TB of images. You will convert the raw images to the sparse format. You need to ensure that a web service endpoint can receive image data and use an object recognition model to return the expected object and the confidence level of the model. The solution must minimize the effort required to generate the client code to access the web service. Which resource should you use?

A.    The edX Data Science Learning Dashboard.
B.    Azure Machine Learning Studio.
C.    Cortana Intelligence Gallery.
D.    The Data Science Virtual Machine.